Latest News

Presenting News

2021 – Nicola is currently working on with a property competition website, presenting videos for properties, all over the country which can be won in a prize draw.

Dec 2019 – Nicola will be presented the Know your status live event at Bar Soho on 1st December 2019. The event was to raise awareness of the new home test HIV kit designed and patented by BiosureUK. The red carpet event hosted an array of well known celebrities and Nicola performed a live HIV test to show how easy it is to get a result anywhere in seconds.

Writing News

July 2021 – Nicola has recently been commissioned to write her second book, which explores unusual burials across the UK. Grave Concerns will be published by SunRise Publishing and will be released in late 2022.

June 2019 – Nicola published her first book “Very Practical Magic” which is available now in all good book shops worldwide. The book explores the positive mindset and combines traditional white magic for those who wish to perform positive rituals to manifest changes within their lives. Nicola also previously written for several spiritual magazines and has interviewed the celebrities such as William Roache, Liz Fuller, and Diana Cooper. The interview with William Roache was featured in The Radio Times and tv show “Have I got news for you?”

Acting News

June 2018 – Nicola is currently the face of Colgate and is performing in an award-winning comedy show called “The Murder Express” Her lead role as Gemma Dorman in CBS Reality show “Stalkers Who Kill” has recently sold to Netflix and can be downloaded on demand.

July 2019 -Nicola recently acted in scenes with Eddie Izzard in new feature film “Six Minutes to Midnight” (release date March 2021)